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Altruist Cash: Frequently Asked Questions Thumbnail

Altruist Cash: Frequently Asked Questions


Navigating the world of cash management can often be complex, with many seeking options that combine safety, flexibility, and high returns. Enter Altruist Cash, a cutting-edge financial solution designed to meet these needs and more. In this Q&A, we delve into the variou features and benefits of Altruist Cash and discuss how it stands out in the crowded market of cash management accounts. From FDIC insurance to unlimited fund transfers and robust fintech integrations, learn how Altruist Cash can transform the way you manage your money, whether for personal or business purposes.

What is Altruist Cash?

Altruist Cash is a high-yield cash management account that combines competitive interest rates with robust financial tools. It offers seamless management of funds through digital transfers and integrates effectively with leading fintech vendors, ensuring that clients can manage their money efficiently and effectively.

What are the key benefits of using Altruist Cash?

Key benefits include FDIC insurance that significantly protects individual and joint account balances, the ability to make unlimited same-day transfers, and the absence of minimum balance requirements or annual fees. This makes Altruist Cash an accessible option for clients seeking flexibility and high yields without typical banking constraints.

How does the FDIC insurance work with Altruist Cash?

Altruist Cash provides FDIC insurance through partner banks, offering up to $1 million in insurance for individual accounts and $2 million for joint accounts. This high level of insurance coverage provides added security for large cash balances, ensuring peace of mind for account holders.

Can clients transfer funds easily between Altruist Cash and other accounts?

Yes, clients can perform seamless digital transfers, known as journaling, between their Altruist Cash accounts and brokerage accounts. Transfers can be scheduled on a flexible basis, including weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, or annually, according to the client's needs, provided they hold Move Money Authorization for the accounts involved.

Are there any limitations on the number of transfers a client can make with Altruist Cash?

There are no limits on the number of transfers clients can schedule with Altruist Cash, allowing them complete control and flexibility to move their funds as needed without any restrictions.

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How does Altruist Cash enhance client access to their funds?

Altruist Cash ensures that clients have immediate access to their funds when needed. Clients can link a bank account for ACH deposits and withdrawals either through a desktop client portal or via the Altruist mobile application, which supports dynamic access to funds from virtually anywhere.

What makes Altruist Cash a good choice for both new and existing clients of Altruist?

Altruist Cash can be the first or only account type opened on Altruist, and it offers the same high annual percentage yield (APY) to all clients. The account's fast, digital onboarding process and back-office automation make it an attractive choice for both new and existing clients, simplifying the management of personal or business finances

Ready to join Altruist Cash?

In line with Endeavor Advisors' commitment to deliver the best options available, we are now recommending Altruist Cash due to its superior interest rate and enhanced FDIC insurance coverage. To learn more about the benefits of Altruist Cash, book an appointment with one of our advisors! They will address all your questions and guide you through the process of getting started with Altruist Cash.

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